Togolese researcher discovers anti-ulcer properties of aloe buettneri

Studies conducted by a researcher from the University of Lomé, have discovered the anti-ulcer properties of aloe buettneri which is a local species of aloe found in northern and southern Togo.

This plan is generally used by local communities in traditional medicine for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.

The extraction its active ingredient molecular compounds has discovered that it can protect against gastric ulceration or cure it in case of disease.

« We tested healthy rats and rats with gastric ulceration induced with 95° alcohol and acid. To the healthy rats we applied first the aloe extract and then the acid. The note is that the extract protected the gastric wall by secreting mucus, a micro-protein that prevents acid from accessing the animal’s gastric epithelium. On the already sick rats we applied the extract and we noticed a consequent decrease in gastric ulceration » explained Dr Kossi METOWOGO, Physiology-Pharmacology Researcher and author of the study.

Clinical tests have not yet been carried out to convert the molecular extract into a pharmaceutical product due to lack of funding.  Only preclinical toxicology and pharmacology tests could be performed.

The results of this study may at this stage allow traditional practitioners to calibrate the dose in the use of this plant for the treatment of gastric ulcerations”, said Dr METOWOGO.

Additional studies are underway to evaluate the anti-inflammatory properties of this plant which counts nearly 300 species in the world and only 2 local species in Togo.

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